Nigerians, other African merchants can now accept PayPal on their website via API

Before now, PayPal has only allowed just 12 African countries to send and receive, money on the platform. Others have had to find ways to circumvent this through other channels which could be cumbersome or way more expensive.

According to the PayPal website, only Algeria, Botswana, Egypt, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, Seychelles and South Africa could send and receive money before the invention of a social payment system which can be funded via PayPal.

Other countries like Nigeria could either only send but not receive or were completely restricted like Libya and Liberia.

Most consumers in Nigeria have upgraded to making payments online rather than the traditional way of making payments. As it is safe, fast, secure, and stress-free. Therefore, merchants are expected to be able to meet up these needs.

As a result, there is a wide range of payment gateways to choose from, as a merchant. Therefore, proper consideration must be made before making your choice. You have to know the solutions each provides, the pricing, the payment methods, the setup fees, accepted currencies, etc.

“Just a little over months ago, we started this incredible journey to drive the adoption of social payment system in Africa and aid financial freedom in Africa — and what a run it has been!” Vin Obieze…..

You can now safely receive PayPal from your customers and be guaranteed of high standard KYC and security over your orders. We have developed our own API to make this possible and our aim still remains to build demand among local consumers and introduce our global network of merchants to the new market opportunities. Sendam will work with Multiwallet system over the months to ensure that all your digital e-payment solutions are delivered and with good Exchange rate.

Below are the Fees You Pay While Using Our API

Sendam Pricing:

Sendam Setup Fee: Free

Sendam Commission Per Transaction: 1.5 % + $0.45 USD

Payment Methods Accepted:

Sendam, Credit Card, OTP, CRYPTO

Accepted Currencies:

All major currencies. is a social payment app with a digital wallet. Sendam have a unique online payment gateway built specially for the social payment system with a vision to offer buyers and sellers a secure and easy-to-use means of transacting business online worldwide with settlement either in local currency or in USD.

We have been fully registered under Sendam Digital Technology with Trademark name as Sendam.

Sendam Digital Technology is announcing a integration of PayPal to allow African merchants to receive payments from PayPal users across the globe directly from their website. This service will be available for merchants with registered business accounts and will be operational across 50+ African countries and around the globe.

We want all merchants to have the best and safe fun gateway, so they can grow with the developing digitizing world.
Our gateway is based on a different technology than standard gateways.
It is fully able to integrate with Internet website pages, no external payment pages opened (as other payment gateways offer), and friendlier for use by end website visitors & mobile application users.

The main attraction of our gateway is it is easy to use with detailed statistics, lowest cost, reliable.

Fast, Safe, Social Payments