Africa, you’re welcome to 377 Million+ PayPal Users —

If you have tried receiving money using Paypal, one of the world’s largest internet payment companies, from other countries, you’ll agree that it is a no go area as Africans can only send and make payments on the platform but cannot receive money. is making this possible and with ease.

Just last year 2020, PayPal‘s 377 million+ users made transactions that saw PayPal end the year with a $936 billion total payment volume for the year 2020.
This trillion dollar opportunity didn’t include most African businesses until this new innovation in

Vincent, a Nigerian-born Turkey resident has friends all over Africa. She’d like to surprise them with gifts, ranging from paying for their Uber to buying them flowers but while she can easily stay in contact with them on social media all day long, paying businesses is a different story. This was not possible until a social payment app was invented for African’s called Sendam.

Ada in the U.S has always wanted to buy authentic African fabrics, art etc and discovering the creators on the internet has proven very easy but paying them is an entirely different story.

There are millions of Vincent and Ada that couldn’t easily pay African businesses. That’s the opportunity that has just been made available to everyday African businesses. Yakubu in Kenya can now sell to the world. The possibilities are endless if we do say so ourselves.

With platform, Vincent can now pay via social payments to family and friends in Africa using Sendam.

Businesses in Africa can now implement the partners API to receive payments from customers abroad. Partners are able to easily accept payments from PayPal users worldwide.

To get started, First get a Sendam account and, make sure you’re a registered business on Sendam. If you aren’t, click here to register right now.

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